Machu Picchu

I’ve been home a week now, and haven’t blogged at all about the ending of an absolute wonderful 2+ months in Huaycan. ¬†Once back home, I seemed to become absorbed by the normal… Continue reading


Yesterday we left Lima and flew to Cusco. We arrived to find our hotel incredible! We’re staying at the Monasterio, about 400 years old. It is perhaps the most charming and beautiful hotel… Continue reading

Goodbye; hello

If blessed enough to enjoy people’s company, you’ll find ‘goodbyes’ difficult. The loss felt at leaving a place, people and shared experiences reminds me that though loss is change, positive experiences perpetuate the… Continue reading

Solo traveling experience

I spent the last couple of days in Lima. It was our final weekend, so several of us traveled into Lima Tuesday after teaching. Initially we encountered a negative experience with our hostel… Continue reading

Fashion show with Nathaly

A few days ago I was invited to watch one of my students in a fashion show in the nearby town of Chaclacayo. Her mother picked me up at the house after a… Continue reading


I spent Wednesday and Thursday in Nazca. We (Allison, Edgar, Jordan, Kayla and I) took the overnight bus to Nazca, which was surprisingly comfortable. When arrived we headed to book a flyover tour… Continue reading

Winding down?

After today, I only have one more week to teach. The passing of time is one of those concepts we don’t get very well. Time stands still, yet simultaneously it zooms past. Maybe… Continue reading


Although ‘hodgepodge’ describes my life, I prefer the term ‘eclectic’. Here’s the weeks summation of my hodgepodge….. Spent my weekend (Wed-Th) in Lima. Enjoyed some sun and grass while there. Though we have… Continue reading

Roof dogs

Dogs are everywhere here in Huaycan. One Peruvian norm is a ‘roof dog’. Many houses here are flat. On top much is stored, kind of like a basement. It seldom rains, so that’s… Continue reading


Our most recent trip was over Semana Santa to the beautiful city of Arequipa. The plan was for Abby and I to fly, and the other 5 of our group to take the… Continue reading